A hobbit trail

We went for long walks in a different parts of the city this past weekend, in the woods and there was a creek and it was a bit hilly. Reminded me of the hobbits. And Mike always carries a small compass in his pocket so we don’t get lost.

And mushrooms! I’ve never seen such huge mushrooms growing in the outdoors before! Elevensies, anyone?

Kind of cool to look at. It’s like the bugs decided to celebrate Halloween early and put thick cobwebs all over the bush. Or like a caterpillar apartment, because all the caterpillars live in different parts of the bush wrapped in the cobwebs.

And this blooming pink tree was a real treat.

I really appreciate these parts of the city where one could pretend to be a hobbit and look for mushrooms and identify different trees by their leaves and listen to the bubbling creek. Hope your weekend was great!

3 thoughts on “A hobbit trail

  1. actually, the creek place kinda reminds me of narnia :)
    and that pink tree looks like the, um, tree full of hearts in restaurant city, don’t you think? (forgot what it’s called :P)

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