Have been thinking about refashioning an old shirt for a while. And also trying to make those lovely fabric flowers that I’ve seen on t‑shirts at H&M. And so I did on my day off yesterday :D

I cut off the sleeves, as well as the collar, and then zigzaged around all the raw edges on the sewing machine. It kind of creates a ruffly effect.

I chose to use the zigzag stitch mainly because I don’t sew a lot and I don’t know how to machine-sew t‑shirt material without stretching it out of shape (I think I have to change the foot, but I don’t know if I have the right foot. I ought to find out sometimes…). So I don’t bother keeping it in shape and stretch out the edges even more with the zigzag stitch.

And then I cut up the sleeves, and followed this tutorial for making a fabric flower collar. Here I am cutting out flower shapes by hand again, but just free-handed this time, since the pieces will be bunched up anyway.

And again, the sad pile of cast-offs…

Bunching up…

… and stitching on…

And then it was done!

The neckline ended up being rather low… but other than that I’m happy with it :D It reminded me of hydrangeas. It’s nice to have a sleeveless top for the upcoming hot and dry summer… actually, the heat is already upon us :S

I also thought it would look nice with a high-waisted puffy skirt (pardon my make-shift terminologies here, I’m not very familiar with the fashion world), like this miniskirt I saw on Craftzine the other day by Tina Sparkles. It’s a free tutorial too! So that would be another project. Except I would probably make it a bit longer so I won’t have to wear leggings because it’s so warm outside… I also came across Tina Sparkles’ new book, Little Green Dress. It looks so incredible and it’s on my wish list amongst other craft books I want to get :D

Hope your weekend is great!

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  1. oooh.…it actually looks quite nice with the skirt you were wearing already :)

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