In progress…

This past weekend, I started another shirt reconstruction project with one of Mike’s shirts that he no longer wants to wear.

I’ve actually done the reconstruction part, now waiting to sew on a trim crocheted with cotton thread. I want to wash the trim in the laundry once to see if it shrinks before sewing it on. Will probably be able to post the finished product next week :D

I was also working on a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn called an “Acorn Shrug”, which looks like this:

I really liked the collar, and the name of the pattern, so I started on it. After working on it for a week I realized it’s going to take forever to finish and it uses up tremendous amount of yarn. And it was a bit boring to make, because it’s basically a huge rectangle made with hundreds of thousands of single crochet stitches. So I decided to unravel it. This is an action shot of me unraveling it.

Yarn noggin! As big as my noggin and I was only 1/3 through the pattern. Imagine all the yarn it would take to finish making it!

So now I decided to make this Copenhagen jacket from Naturally Caron Yarn instead (and unlike Lion Brand Yarn, one doesn’t have to sign up to be a member to access the free patterns. SO! Crochet along, anyone? :D).

It has the same collar that I like, and probably takes up the same amount of yarn, but more of different stitch patterns and therefore more fun to make. I have a ton of that white yarn anyway, all donated :D

I will be reporting my progress periodically, stay tuned!

Hope you’re enjoying the sun and warm weather!