What is your name. What is your quest. What is your favourite colour.

Purple/pink flowers with white and yellow centers. We saw them in someone’s front garden on Sunday.

Blob of yellow sinking into sea of white in a make-shift paint container (i.e. plastic egg carton) on a purple table cloth.

And speaking of colours, this morning I came across this colour personality test via How About Orange. The results look surprisingly elaborate. And here is a bit of what it said about me:

You are 45 % extrovert and 55 % introvert. 

You are able to have an in-depth thinking, you think before acting, and you know how to communicate your knowledge.

You are also a leader, you know how to organize the groups of persons and give them your energy.

Finally you are creative, you always have new ideas, and your inspiration comes from the inside.

In your relations with others, the bonds that you created with your family and friends represent 54% of your core emotions. Your creativity, your openness and your need to open up to renewal in your life have also an impact of 45%. 

Also, your point of view and your decision-making are motivated by your inner conviction at 58%. Dialogue and exchange of views with others are taken into account at 41%.

Finally, your actions and behaviour are determined by your sensibility and that of your partner at a ratio of 60%. Then you are driven at 39% by own will and personal goals.

And all that from picking out colours from most favourite to least favourite, and then again from least favourite to most favourite… the internet does know everything, doesn’t it? Including things that we don’t even know about ourselves! Yikes.

What I’m really wondering is, why do all the percentages only add up to 99? Where did that 1% go?

I’m convinced that the internet is trying to withhold some information from me. And that information must be really important, and it’s all encapsulated in that 1%.

When we first met, Mike had this greeting on his answering machine:

What is your name. What is your quest. What is your favourite colour.” (These questions were stated, not asked. So that made it kind of confusing when I called him for the first time. I think I left a message saying that my favourite colour was blue.)

My quest, now, would be to find out what the internet knows about me and my favourite colours!!! That one percent

Let me know if you do the test too, would you?

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