What is your name. What is your quest. What is your favourite colour.

Purple/pink flow­ers with white and yel­low cen­ters. We saw them in some­one’s front gar­den on Sunday.

Blob of yel­low sink­ing into sea of white in a make-shift paint con­tain­er (i.e. plas­tic egg car­ton) on a pur­ple table cloth.

And speak­ing of colours, this morn­ing I came across this colour per­son­al­i­ty test via How About Orange. The results look sur­pris­ing­ly elab­o­rate. And here is a bit of what it said about me:

You are 45 % extro­vert and 55 % introvert. 

You are able to have an in-depth think­ing, you think before act­ing, and you know how to com­mu­ni­cate your knowledge.

You are also a leader, you know how to orga­nize the groups of per­sons and give them your energy.

Final­ly you are cre­ative, you always have new ideas, and your inspi­ra­tion comes from the inside.

In your rela­tions with oth­ers, the bonds that you cre­at­ed with your fam­i­ly and friends rep­re­sent 54% of your core emo­tions. Your cre­ativ­i­ty, your open­ness and your need to open up to renew­al in your life have also an impact of 45%. 

Also, your point of view and your deci­sion-mak­ing are moti­vat­ed by your inner con­vic­tion at 58%. Dia­logue and exchange of views with oth­ers are tak­en into account at 41%.

Final­ly, your actions and behav­iour are deter­mined by your sen­si­bil­i­ty and that of your part­ner at a ratio of 60%. Then you are dri­ven at 39% by own will and per­son­al goals.

And all that from pick­ing out colours from most favourite to least favourite, and then again from least favourite to most favourite… the inter­net does know every­thing, does­n’t it? Includ­ing things that we don’t even know about our­selves! Yikes.

What I’m real­ly won­der­ing is, why do all the per­cent­ages only add up to 99? Where did that 1% go?

I’m con­vinced that the inter­net is try­ing to with­hold some infor­ma­tion from me. And that infor­ma­tion must be real­ly impor­tant, and it’s all encap­su­lat­ed in that 1%.

When we first met, Mike had this greet­ing on his answer­ing machine:

“What is your name. What is your quest. What is your favourite colour.” (These ques­tions were stat­ed, not asked. So that made it kind of con­fus­ing when I called him for the first time. I think I left a mes­sage say­ing that my favourite colour was blue.)

My quest, now, would be to find out what the inter­net knows about me and my favourite colours!!! That one per­cent

Let me know if you do the test too, would you?

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