The quiche experiment

Whenever I think about quiche I think about the rat creatures in Bone.

Sunday night (aka night before grocery day) we had only a few items of food left in our fridge. My comrade (aka Mike) and I were trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Then I remember this crustless quiche in a cup recipe I saw on Cooking with My Kid. It’s like the teacup coddled eggs I made a while ago, but quiche! Even better! :D

(By the way, I found lots of quick and easy and really clever recipes on Cooking with My Kid — such a wealth of ideas for everyday meals and parties/gatherings!)

So! I set out to make some quiches for me and my comrade, with whatever I could find in our fridge, and I found:

A zucchini! I grated half of it. And created a mess — zucchini shreds flying everywhere.

4 eggs! Into the mixing bowl!

Cheese! … shred shred shred shred shred…

AND! A secret Asian ingredient…


Chopped into matchsticks.

(I have to admit, I do like Spam… especially in instant noodles with a fried egg. Kind of like a comfort food.)

Meanwhile, the last bit of milk in the carton added to the eggs for some Asian whisking action! Oh, almost forget — some salt and pepper too! (I maintain that chopsticks are the most effective tools for whisking eggs.)

After mixing in the zucchini, most of the cheese, and Spam, I poured the egg mixture into two ramekins. I decided not to use coffee mugs as pictured in the recipe because I was feeling nervous about putting my coffee mugs into the oven… the labels on the bottom of the mugs only say that they’re dishwasher and microwave safe, not oven safe… anyways, I felt more safe using ramekins, even though ramekins are less cute, but safety is the most important rule in cooking…

OK, enough rambling…

Quiches before they went into the oven, with cheese sprinkled on top!

And quiches after the oven — DONE! :D

They were actually quite good. Very fluffy. Though they didn’t really puff up like the ones pictured in the recipe, my comrade and I were quite happy with them.

I’m thinking I might make them in muffin tins for potlucks or whatnot — that would look rather cute, wouldn’t it? And maybe try using spinach or broccoli, and bacon instead of Spam, because not everyone likes spam… but I think most people like bacon.

And we ended the meal with puff pastries made by our good friend :D It was super delicious! We felt so blessed!

Happy Thursday!

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