We took a field trip to a strawberry field on the weekend! It’s something I haven’t done since high school, so I was really looking forward to it. We got there before 8am to avoid the crowd, and it was a bit rainy so we didn’t stay very long, but we still had lots of fun!

I was struck by how perfectly shaped the strawberries were! (and I accidentally pulled off the unripe ones along with it… made a good photo but I felt kind of bad…)

Spying on the strawberries…

You can see the raindrops on Mike’s coat, and also the thorny weed in the lower right corner! Mike found that the best berries were hiding under those thorney weeds!

And of course, I made a strawberry pin to wear for the special occasion :D

Was planning to take a close-up picture of it in the strawberry bush, but didn’t get a chance to, so I took a picture at home. This strawberry thinks that living is easy with eyes closed.

I didn’t follow any particular pattern to make the strawberry pin. In fact I ran out of time at the end of the week and had to make it while taking the public transit. I wondered whether I should write down the pattern… but I did a quick search and found quite a few crochet strawberry patterns, and I have a feeling that mine wouldn’t be too different from the other patterns, so it might be kind of redundant if I write another one… But if you’re really interested let me know and I’ll write it! It’s rather simple so it won’t take me too long to put it together :)

Have a sweet Monday!