Weekend montage

1. Bright and sun­ny after thun­der­storm, walk­ing through park on the way home.

2. Spain’s the win­ner! Splash­ing cel­e­bra­tion in the mid­st of Out­door Art Expo.

3. And we walked by some echi­naceas…

4. Churchill and seag­ull… :S

5. And we stopped to smell the laven­ders.

6. We had a bar­be­que this after­noon with lots of left­over food! Tired of more hot dogs, we made it all into soup! Cut-up sausages plus rem­nants of the veg­etable tray, and even red onion rings and toma­to slices that didn’t get used for ham­burg­ers! And I added mac­a­roni. It’s actu­al­ly quite good! The smok­i­ness from the bar­be­qued sausages made the soup inter­est­ing… and it made me feel very blessed to have food in abun­dance and fam­i­ly and friends to share it with.

Wish­ing you a great week ahead!

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