Spontaneous cake-making

1. One Fri­day night, after watch­ing this new cake show called DC Cup­cakes (though it is nowhere as good as Ace of Cakes), we were inspired to bake cup­cakes. We filled one muffin tray but had left­over bat­ter that wasn’t enough to fill anoth­er muffin tray, so I poured it all into a loaf pan and fig­ured we could have a flat cake as well.

2. But then once it was baked, it occurred to me that I could dec­o­rate it! Like in the show! So I lev­eled off the top… (and unlike in the show, we didn’t sim­ply toss away the cut­off, we ate it, like good chil­dren who don’t waste food.)

3. … and then I cut it cross­wise into 3, and spread frost­ing onto each. We hap­pened to have left­over store-bought frost­ing in the fridge, it was a good oppor­tu­ni­ty to fin­ish them up! The bot­tom lay­er was cream cheese flavour and the top two were vanil­la.

4. We also hap­pened to have nec­tari­nes in the fridge, so Mike sliced them thin­ly and sand­wiched them between each cake lay­er.

5. Ta-da! Gâteau pour deux! We even sprin­kled cin­na­mon on top and used a fan­cy blue plate for the pho­to-shoot! :D

6. And this is us, enjoy­ing a cross sec­tion of cake. I guess it’s like a straw­ber­ry short­cake, except with nec­tarine…

Have a sweet Fri­day every­one! :D

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