Spontaneous cake-making

1. One Friday night, after watching this new cake show called DC Cupcakes (though it is nowhere as good as Ace of Cakes), we were inspired to bake cupcakes. We filled one muffin tray but had leftover batter that wasn’t enough to fill another muffin tray, so I poured it all into a loaf pan and figured we could have a flat cake as well.

2. But then once it was baked, it occurred to me that I could decorate it! Like in the show! So I leveled off the top… (and unlike in the show, we didn’t simply toss away the cutoff, we ate it, like good children who don’t waste food.)

3. … and then I cut it crosswise into 3, and spread frosting onto each. We happened to have leftover store-bought frosting in the fridge, it was a good opportunity to finish them up! The bottom layer was cream cheese flavour and the top two were vanilla.

4. We also happened to have nectarines in the fridge, so Mike sliced them thinly and sandwiched them between each cake layer.

5. Ta-da! Gâteau pour deux! We even sprinkled cinnamon on top and used a fancy blue plate for the photo-shoot! :D

6. And this is us, enjoying a cross section of cake. I guess it’s like a strawberry shortcake, except with nectarine…

Have a sweet Friday everyone! :D