Crazed rabbits and their carrots

After making the ornaments with the teapot cookie mold I left the leftover dough in the fridge too long and they were too sticky to use with the mold… I tried and tried and tried and it was just sticking to the mold and stretching out of shape when I tried to peel it off. But I didn’t want to waste the dough (it had cinnamon in it!), so I thought I’d try using these cookie cutter that my friend Kitty gave me last year (I think for Easter). And look! I’m so happy with these! :D

They’re supposed to be ornaments of some sort. I put a hole in each for ribbons or twine. Planning on giving some of these away, but I’m keeping this one because he’s my favourite.

And their carrots! :D

I painted blue eyes and brown eyes — though I thought the blue-eyed ones looked more crazed :P

Have a lovely weekend! :D

5 thoughts on “Crazed rabbits and their carrots

  1. I know I have several carrot and rabbit cutters. I will see what they are and do a photo of them. I used to collect carrot items.

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