Favourite things of the week!

Paperclip puppets from Made by Joel! Made with corrugated boards and bent paperclips. Absolutely brilliant and definitely an idea I’m keeping in my tool box! :D

Another paper treat! This, my friend, is a piece of bacon. Not just a piece of bacon, but a magnetic bacon bookmark, with a cute smile! :D Free download from Wild Olive! I’m so grateful~ The PDF download includes pencil, pickle, bandage, and ruler too! (magnetic power not included :P)

Since it’s been raining for the past couple of days I’ve been looking for mushrooms whenever I’m out, but haven’t seen any. And then one day I came across these mushroom lights by The Great Mushrooming on Tokyobling’s blog! They’re made of glass, LED lights and found wood. Simply magical. This enoki-like one is my favourite.

More detailed realism! Came across this exhibition of crocheted vegetables by Japanese artist Jungjung via the Craftzine blog. I especially love the carrot — look at the lace-like leaves!

Speaking of carrots, a couple of visitors have asked if I could post a picture of the cookie cutter I used for the crazed rabbits and their carrots — certainly! Here it is!

Wishing you a great start to the week!

3 thoughts on “Favourite things of the week!

  1. Thanks for posting the photo of the cutters. I thought that you had some great impression ones because of the faces on the rabbits. They were all alike and so goofy!
    Great job on decorating them!
    FYI: these cutters are the ones from R&D

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