Favourite things of the week!

Hope you’ve had a fabulous long weekend! Didn’t write for several days because I have been away, but I’ve also been saving these links to share! :D

I saw this quite a while ago — another brilliant, brilliant way to make small gift bags by How About Orange! From envelops! And also pretty tape! Perfect for Christmas cookies, I think. Or those cookie mold ornaments I was making! :D

Spotted another paper-folding project recently via Whip uppaper crane cupcake toppers! Would go well with green tea cupcakes, I imagine. This looks like a promising recipe…

And a really neat activity I saw today via The Crafty Crow, Combining music-making, song-writing, and watercolour! :D Read the post on Nettle’s Notes to see how it works, it’s really cool.

I stumbled upon these fabric flowers on Simply Vintagegirl a while ago — look how pretty!!! Really want to try making them, but kind of weary about the flame part for the petals… the tutorial has really clear instructions though! So maybe if I come across some synthetic silk one day I’ll give them a try…

Aaaand last but not least (though the tiniest), saw these candy corn *squeal* by Danielleorama on Tiny Plush Tuesday! They remind me that fall is quickly approaching and that makes me so very happy :D (Yes, I’m one of those odd species that aren’t too fond of summer) I’m also feeling rather inspired to start crocheting a candy corn :D

Happy day!




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