favourite things of the week!

This week I came across these sweet pear ornaments from lil fish studio… perfect for a Christmas tree! Now I just need to find a partridge…

Found partridge! Well, very cool-looking birds anyway. Made from paper mâché by that artist woman! And step-by-step instructions on how to make them too!

See? This is a partridge. Our paper mâché friend looks pretty much like it, doesn’t it? Um, maybe I’ll need to make my paper mâché partridge with a smaller head and a bigger, more pear-like body…

While I keep finding great ideas for Christmas (and I find them all year long), I do agree that September is a bit too early to start working on them… so, here’s a wonderfully simple yet amazingly stylish fall project — A fabric scarf from mer mag!

I love crocheting cowls and wearing indoor scarves, because they make me look older :P But this time a year it might be a bit warm to wear a woolly thing round one’s neck… This scarf is made of light-weight fabric so it’s perfect for fall :D I also really like this because it’s sewn into a ring, like a cowl, so I won’t have to worry about how to stylishly drape the ends of the scarf, which I always had troubles with, because I’m not so much a stylish person. So! Need to make a trip to the fabric store soon! :D

And then I recently came across these gorgeous crocheted mushrooms on Wunderkammer, aren’t they cool? The patterns for making them are for sale!

And finally — love these fall flowers sitting on our dining table! :D

I love fall flowers in general, but these are especially lovable because Mike brought them home for me today :D

Happy Wednesday!