time capsule

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my parents, and my mom asked me to clean out some of my old stuff. I always avoided cleaning out old stuff because I don’t want to decide whether to throw something out or not. I’ve been delaying it since I moved out of my parents’ house, and I feel bad for still taking up so much space even though I no longer live there, so now I’m slowly getting into the process of digging things out… And I’m happy to report that I’ve thrown out some things that I really don’t need (like tried up tubes of poster paint from grade school and unfinished salt dough projects), and I’ve also taken home some really interesting things that I’ve kept since I was a child but haven’t seen for ages and ages, to a point where I’ve forgotten that I have these things…

So, let me introduce… this is Mr. Rice Paddle, who was given to me by my Gr.5/6 teacher. I need to fix his rice paddle because it’s kind of falling apart, but I think he’s a really awesome-looking onigiri and one day I’m going to crochet one after him! (he’s also a bank and I actually found hundreds of HK$ tucked inside him!)

And look! A tiny squirrel! It was sitting in a box at the bottom of the drawer, and I had to take her home because she has such a precious expression on her face, and the tiny blue bow… Plus, she looks perfect with this acorn on our windowsill, even though she already has her own acorn. It was also a gift from my grade school teacher (in Hong Kong we got gifts for getting high marks in spelling tests, term tests, etc.).

And then there are things that I kept when I was a child, and actually haven’t gotten thrown out and made it across the ocean when we moved to Canada. Like this 20 cents coin here. I don’t know when I found it but I know I kept it because it has a hole at the top and I thought it would make a good necklace charm. But of course I never made it into a necklace charm and it had been sitting in the bottom of my draw forever… until now! So, this is the side that says “20 cents”, which is equivalent to roughly $0.026 CAD.

And then on this side is a bauhinia flower. Along with this coin I also found a purple bead that looked like a semi-precious stone, probably from a necklace that I took apart. So I thought they belong together, since bauhinia flowers are usually purple-magenta-ish.

So, after I don’t know how many years this coin I saved for a necklace is finally made into a necklace! All it took was a couple of jump rings. I also cleaned the coin with a bit of rubbing alcohol. :D I’m rather pleased with it.

And then I also found these beads I made in junior high, with the leftover fimo from a snow globe kit. I remember buying a book on fimo just to learn the techniques for making faux millefiori beads. Man, I don’t think I’d have the patience now…

These are tiny, and I don’t know what to do with those green beads yet, maybe combined them with other things… But I thought the purple one looks good on its own on a short chain. I actually made a trip to the bead store to get gold-colour findings for these, but I got the wrong kind of head pins :( so I resorted to making my own head pin, with a spiral at the bottom and a loop at the top, like so:

And it looked like this, when I’ve shortened the chain:

I also found this swirly heart, and Luna.

I really don’t remember when I made the swirly heart, but I probably made it with fimo. I also don’t remember where Luna came from, but I do remember her being my favourite character from the Sailor Moon series, followed by Sailor Mars. Though I would have to say that my least favourite cartoon character of all time is actually Sailor Moon herself. Her whining drove me crazy, especially in the North American version. I was also rather upset that in the N. A. version Luna was given this really scratchy old-witchy voice — her voice is supposed to be bright and energized and cute like her character! The North American people got it all wrong… *shakes fist*

Anyway, I digress. I attached jump rings to both and put them on a chain for the photo but I actually don’t know what to do with them yet. So they’re going back into their capsule — which is a heart-shaped box lined with red velvety material on the inside and covered in seashells on the outside. I’ve had it since as far as I could remember, but I’ve only recently taken it home from my parents’ recently.

And speaking of the passage of time, the next post will be my 100th post on this blog!! :D So! To celebrate, I will be spending the 100th post on the things I will make for Leethal’s 2nd Make-Along this Saturday. I participated in the first Make-Along back in spring, about the time when I started this blog, so I’m really excited that the 2nd Make-Along is happening around the time of the 100th post! :D I will be crocheting things that have to do with the number 100, and if you’re interested in setting aside some creative time this weekend please join me and other crafters in the Make-Along! :D