weekend adventures

Went around with my Zumi on the week­end, and here are some of my favourite shots :D The one above is prob­a­bly my favourite out of all the favourites. It’s a dis­play of man­nequins wear­ing dress­es made out of toi­let paper. I like how plas­tic the man­nequin looks.

At the Knit Cafe: star­ry night and glow­ing orbs with a knit­ted planet.

Spin­ning as we go…

Yarrrrrn! Knit­ted pirates of the constellations.

EEEEvil Gargemel lurk­ing the streets.

View from the streetcar.

High­light of the night — a spin­ning, glow­ing lace car! (It’s called “Auto Lamp”. It’s not real­ly a lace pat­tern, just pat­terns of cir­cles of vary­ing sizes. But it just reminds me of lace.) It lid up the streets with lace pat­terns on con­crete walls all around. I tried to cap­ture the play of  light/shadow on the walls on video, which I thought was equal­ly inter­est­ing, if not more so, than the car itself. (yes, the Zumi takes videos! :D) It’s the first time I use the video mode, and I for­got to hit the record but­ton, hence the chuckle.

Although per­haps one could say that the result­ing shad­ows on the walls are also part of the work.

Which reminds me of this bril­liant tuto­r­i­al I saw a while ago on kootoy­oo, with lace, jars, and LED lights!

I sup­pose one could make them spin too with a small motor under­neath :D

Hap­py Monday!