Melan­choly is a win­ter mel­on. Here he is, in his cor­ner, moping.

What is a win­ter mel­on? Well, it looks like this.

It might sound real­ly mean, but I had a lot of fun try­ing to make him look as melan­cholic as pos­si­ble. The weath­er’s been real­ly grey these days, I can’t help but feel a bit blah. Mak­ing this char­ac­ter takes a bit of the melan­choly out of me.

Win­ter mel­ons are actu­al­ly quite deli­cious, espe­cial­ly in soup. I actu­al­ly thought of mak­ing a water­mel­on first, but thought a mel­on that’s called “win­ter” might con­vey melan­choly a bit more effectively.

… look how sad…

Don’t wor­ry folks, as sad as he is, he’s being well tak­en care of and has a place to live up in the type case. Maybe he’ll bright­en up when the sun peeks its head out of the clouds tomor­row, it’s sup­posed to be a nicer day.

Take care, everyone!

3 thoughts on “melancholy

  1. I think the win­ter mel­on was a good choice! Water­mel­ons are so plump, and joy­ful! The shape of the win­ter mel­on allowed you to make it look almost droopy, and appear slouched over, which in my mind, is a more melan­cholic body position.

  2. Do it! I reg­u­lar­ly equate my cur­rent mood or type of day I’m hav­ing to a dif­fer­ent types of cook­ies. Its sort of a game my younger sis­ter and I cre­at­ed togeth­er. So today is a warm caramel pecan cook­ie day because I’m in a pret­ty good mood and fair­ly relaxed because I just got back from an acupunc­ture appoint­ment, hence the warm cook­ie with caramel, but also kind of inspired to go out and exer­cise, which today is equat­ing to pecans, because they pro­duce ener­gy, and com­pli­ment the caramel nice­ly. You could total­ly do that with dif­fer­ent types of foods, like vegetables!

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