weekend in flying colours

It was Thanksgiving weekend and we left the city to visit families. We also visited the chip trucks by the water and a country fair in a nearby town, and I took some photos with the Zumi. I’m rather pleased with how old-fashioned the pictures look, especially the ones at the country fair. I also took a lot of tree pictures as we drove home, and of course a sunset picture from our west-facing balcony :) The colours are just amazing.

I felt kind of bad that I’ve been neglecting my pink point-and-shoot since Zumi arrived, so I’ve been reassuring it that I still like it very much because it takes great indoor pictures and pictures of people, and it lets me see what I’m taking a picture of, which really helps with composition. Here are some proud products of the pink camera over the weekend.

And now, a haiku:

The weekend flew by
and now we are home again
full of thanksgivings.

Happy Tuesday! :D




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  1. hmmm…now does the pink point-and-shoot have a name? it might feel better if it has a name…

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