favourite things of the week!

Part of the rea­son I like fall and win­ter bet­ter than sum­mer is prob­a­bly because I can make warm wool­ly things in cold weath­er. Like these Yeti baby slip­pers I saw on Craftzine the oth­er day!

They’re made from pat­terns on Needyl. There’s also a cro­chet ver­sion! :D Any kid out there who would like a pair of Yeti slip­pers? I used to have a pair of Yeti slip­pers. I wore them out and they had to be tossed away :( So, if I can find a way to make them large enough for my feet that would be real­ly awesome…

Anoth­er rea­son that I love fall so much is the leaves! The leaves! The colours are just heart-melt­ing. And this lantern idea from Res­ur­rec­tion Fern is just brilliant.

With just clear pack­ing tape and a few jars! Time to go on a walk for leaves… and pine cones!  I love pen­dants. I love mak­ing them and wear­ing them. And I love this pine cone pen­dant from Sto­ry­book Woods.

I espe­cial­ly love the fact that the pine cones are glued to a large but­ton strung on a piece of embroi­dery floss!

Hope you’re enjoy­ing the leaves and pine cones too! :D