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This weekend was a busy one! We did some long-overdue cleaning and organizing of the apartment, and I finally cleaned up my “craft corner” (i.e. one third of the couch and coffee table) after a frenzy of crafting last week in preparation for the opening of the shop. And what do I choose to do after all that cleaning and organizing? More crafting, of course! :D

I was thinking today that it’s almost mitten season, but not quite. So some fingerless mitts would be perfect, for fall and also for taking outdoor pictures in winter! (I can surely remember how painfully cold my hands were after an hour of picture-taking at the Santa Claus parade last year.)

I saw this grey owl sweater on needled quite a while ago and really loved it. So I bought the pattern, hoping that one day I will overcome my fear of circular needles and knitting cables and actually be able to make this. Meanwhile, I found this owl fingerless mitts pattern on Ravelry — and it’s a free download! (Though one needs to sign up to access it) They’re really quick to make and I got both mitts finished with eyes sewn and everything within 3 hours (I think looking for the perfect, iridescent buttons for eyes took the longest).

I’m really rather happy with them :D Perhaps I’ll bring them along when I go out tomorrow!

Well, I better go put away the scrap yarn and crochet hooks on the coffee table before my “craft corner” starts to spread like weed again…

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :D

7 thoughts on “weekend crafting

  1. Very cute! Though the second picture reminds me of the creepy guy with eyes in his hands from Pan’s labyrinth… but if you haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t recommend it because its really creepy!

  2. These are so cute! … I had to make some, too!

    BTW … I really enjoy your blog!
    I think I stumbled across it through Ravelry. Gawd, I love that site …

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