favourite things of the week!

Tis the sea­son for can­dy corn! I was point­ed to a tuto­ri­al for mak­ing can­dy corn trick-or-treat bags on The Purl Bee — they’re so cute! They would make great par­ty hats as well, I think!

While brows­ing on The Purl Bee, also saw the­se sweet felt­ed buck­et hats! I love the pur­ple one. I would real­ly like to try mak­ing the­se, as I’ve nev­er tried felt­ing in the wash­ing machine before, but I don’t have a 16mm cro­chet hook. So I was real­ly hap­py to see that there is also a non-felt­ed cro­chet ver­sion of the buck­et hat! May­be I’ll make that for now until I get a 16mm cro­chet hook…

More sweet treats! Recipe for a GIANT s’more cake on The Birth­day Blog! (I also think that a blog that is all about birth­days and birth­day par­ties has got to be one of the most awe­some blogs ever.)

Spot­ted this via the Craftzine blog, fea­tur­ing a frost­ed cake between a giant piece of solid choco­late and two home­made gra­ham crack­er. I’ll be such a hap­py camper if I ever get such a cake for my birth­day!

Equal­ly awe­some but per­haps not as sweet… a cro­cheted owl pel­let!

Found on Futur­i­sticky via the Craftzine. I nev­er knew what owl pel­lets were until last year, when I saw some real owl pel­lets on posters cre­at­ed by grade 4 stu­dents. It’s quite fas­ci­nat­ing what can be found in the­se, um, regur­gi­tat­ed bundles of undi­gest­ed food. And the cro­cheted owl pel­let even comes with pieces of cro­cheted bones!

And final­ly, a video! While brows­ing on Ama­zon try­ing to find a book to read on the upcom­ing 17-hour plane ride, I saw this!

A Kirby’s game, all in YARN!! :D

I don’t play much video games except Tetris (and I’m real­ly rather good at it, if I do say so myself). But I’m rather excit­ed that there’s a game based on yarn. I prob­a­bly won’t spend $50 to buy it, but I will like­ly rent it just to see what it’s like!

May­be one day they’ll make Tetris in yarn too.

Have a great week­end every­one! :D


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