It’s not just for the witch costume, kids.

Broom­stick! For mak­ing broom­stick lace! :D

I’ve been intrigued by broom­stick lace for a long time and yes­ter­day I final­ly got around to try­ing it. I went online to search for videos and instruc­tions but then real­ized that my copy of Cro­chet Stitch Bible actu­al­ly has instruc­tions for it.

So… here’s my very first piece of broom­stick lace. A 16mm cro­chet hook was act­ing as the broom­stick and I used a DK weight yarn with a 3mm hook. It’s a bit wonky, but I final­ly under­stood how it works and it’s actu­al­ly quite straight­for­ward after a few rows.

With a bit more prac­tice on mak­ing it more straight I made this cuff with the same “broom­stick” and a worsted weight yarn and 4mm hook.


I just made it long enough to wrap around my wrist and then cro­cheted the short ends togeth­er. I real­ly like the colour of that yarn.

There are some broom­stick lace videos on Stitch Diva Stu­dios and they’re quite clear and easy to fol­low. I’ve also found the writ­ten instruc­tion on Cro­chet Cabana help­ful. The idea of the cuff came from the tuto­r­i­al on Kootoy­oo.

It makes me hap­py to learn new things :D

By the way, our inter­net is fixed! :D Though it’s kind of slow… I have a lot of pic­tures from the week­end that I want to post but am feel­ing weary that it’s going to either take a long time or crash the inter­net alto­geth­er… (not sure if that’s even pos­si­ble. I’m not at all techy and some­times I feel para­noid about techy things) so the pic­tures will have to wait until I’m sure that we have sta­ble connection.

Have a hap­py Wednes­day! :D