(last) weekend adventures!

We had an action-packed weekend last week, but our internet was broken earlier this week so I didn’t post them until now.


Adventure #1: used-bookstore-hopping with a librarian friend :D (This didn’t exactly happen on the weekend but it was an adventure, so I thought the picture belonged here.) Took this picture with Zumi at a patio, which was just down the street from my very first apartment in Toronto.


Adventure #2: making a marshmallow-covered cake. I burnt the marshmallow in my first attempt, but fortunately the cake was still good, so we replaced the burnt marshmallows with fresh ones and it was perfect! I was rather proud of the golden toasty colour.

Adventure #3: to the Distillery! I love going to the distillery and walking on the streets paved with red bricks and taking pictures of old windows. And plus we were going there to have our annual birthday dinner with some of my favourite people :D so it was an extra exciting adventure!

It was really foggy that day. This building was behind us while we were waiting for the street car.

And we’re here! Greeted by an awesome creature. There’s just something sad and lonely about him. He promised he won’t bite.


Zumi isn’t very skilled at taking night photos, so I switched back to my trusty pink camera after dark. It was still really foggy. I really like the warm orange glow of the windows.

And the trees wrapped in lights like gatherings of fireflies.

So, adventure #2 was supposed to be a birthday present for our friend Dan, who gave me a basket-full of (plush) vegetables for my birthday :D :D :D I’ve been looking for them for so long but they were out of stock at Ikea! Thank you, Dan! We could pretend we’re living in one of those old fashion farming societies where we trade cake for vegetables! :D

This week we’re going to continue to pack, and I’m going to make some “unique tags” for “easy identification” of our luggage (as suggested on the airline website). I also realized that we don’t have any proper luggage tags so I’m going to make some of those as well.

Have a great week ahead, everyone! :D