weekend in flying colours

It was Thanksgiving weekend and we left the city to visit families. We also visited the chip trucks by the water and a country fair in a nearby town, and I took some photos with the Zumi. I’m rather pleased with how old-fashioned the pictures look, especially the ones at the country fair. I also took a lot of tree pictures as we drove home, and of course a sunset picture from our west-facing balcony :) The colours are just amazing.

I felt kind of bad that I’ve been neglecting my pink point-and-shoot since Zumi arrived, so I’ve been reassuring it that I still like it very much because it takes great indoor pictures and pictures of people, and it lets me see what I’m taking a picture of, which really helps with composition. Here are some proud products of the pink camera over the weekend.

And now, a haiku:

The weekend flew by
and now we are home again
full of thanksgivings.

Happy Tuesday! :D




new header! :D

Yup! A new *crocheted* header!

It looks like this before cropping. If you look closely you might see the free-form patterns on the rectangle. I thought playing with some subtle stitch changes throughout would bring out more of the experimental nature of a mudpie.

I’m not sure why I chose yellow. Yellow is probably one of my least favourite colours. But when I was thinking about a new header I kept getting yellow crocheted stitches in my head. I tried to picture other colours, but nothing seemed right except yellow. So I stuck with the yellow, and I love how cheerful it looks!

Mike helped me photograph the header. To get the best lighting in the house we hung him on the bathroom door with some dental floss and tape.

He also set the type on the header, which I think is perfect :)

So why did I make a new header? Something very, very exciting is afoot, comrades! Hopefully I can tell you all about it soon!

Have a happy Thursday!


Melancholy is a winter melon. Here he is, in his corner, moping.

What is a winter melon? Well, it looks like this.

It might sound really mean, but I had a lot of fun trying to make him look as melancholic as possible. The weather’s been really grey these days, I can’t help but feel a bit blah. Making this character takes a bit of the melancholy out of me.

Winter melons are actually quite delicious, especially in soup. I actually thought of making a watermelon first, but thought a melon that’s called “winter” might convey melancholy a bit more effectively.

… look how sad…

Don’t worry folks, as sad as he is, he’s being well taken care of and has a place to live up in the type case. Maybe he’ll brighten up when the sun peeks its head out of the clouds tomorrow, it’s supposed to be a nicer day.

Take care, everyone!

weekend adventures

Went around with my Zumi on the weekend, and here are some of my favourite shots :D The one above is probably my favourite out of all the favourites. It’s a display of mannequins wearing dresses made out of toilet paper. I like how plastic the mannequin looks.

At the Knit Cafe: starry night and glowing orbs with a knitted planet.

Spinning as we go…

Yarrrrrn! Knitted pirates of the constellations.

EEEEvil Gargemel lurking the streets.

View from the streetcar.

Highlight of the night — a spinning, glowing lace car! (It’s called “Auto Lamp”. It’s not really a lace pattern, just patterns of circles of varying sizes. But it just reminds me of lace.) It lid up the streets with lace patterns on concrete walls all around. I tried to capture the play of  light/shadow on the walls on video, which I thought was equally interesting, if not more so, than the car itself. (yes, the Zumi takes videos! :D) It’s the first time I use the video mode, and I forgot to hit the record button, hence the chuckle.

Although perhaps one could say that the resulting shadows on the walls are also part of the work.

Which reminds me of this brilliant tutorial I saw a while ago on kootoyoo, with lace, jars, and LED lights!

I suppose one could make them spin too with a small motor underneath :D

Happy Monday!

the scowl project

They’re like scarfs, but they’re actually cowls, so I call them scowls. I made them following the instruction on mer mag. Found fabric that I bought a long time ago but never had a use for, thought they’d be perfect for the scowl project! :D

I first used the polka dot fabric to make a narrower one.

Then I used this satiny floral fabric to make a wider version.

I actually quite like the look and drape of the floral one. It looks nicer when there’s less contrast in tones between the right and wrong sides of fabric, I think. Wore it out to the Knit Cafe for their Nuit Blanche display last night! :D

As you can see, the picture was taken with the Zumi and so it turned out really dark. Would probably looked better if I turned up the ISO but I forgot :P I also found the perfect camera case for it (which I’m holding in my left hand in the picture). A dear friend got it for me as a souvenir from Hong Kong. It says “it is a fish” on it :D

More pictures of Nuit Blanche coming soon! Have a great week ahead everyone!

it’s like film, only digital! :D

YAY! My Zumi camera came in the mail yesterday! This is a birthday / Christmas / thesis completion present from Mike :D (even though thesis is not exactly completely completed…) I’ve been wanting to get a Diana for a long time, but was always weary about the cost of film and picture developing. So I was really excited when I came across the Zumi, because the quality and unpredictability of the pictures are like film, but only digital! :D

So we tested it out last night! This is a photo of the box and the (pink!) plastic dinosaur it came with.

The sun was just setting as we were fiddling with the camera.

Very saturated colours of the sunset.

And then I took this sad picture of the dead flowers we put outside on the balcony after it was infested with bugs while we were away on the weekend :(

As you can see in the first picture, it has a black and white mode. It also records video with sound. I really like the unpredictability and the surprises that it brings. Especially being so used to digital cameras with preview and knowing exactly what I’m taking a picture of, the guesswork of a viewfinder (which actually isn’t very accurate) is a rather interesting experience… I took around 80 pictures to get 8 that are worth keeping. I think it’s better for taking distant scenery than close-up shots of people or objects… just because it’s so hard to gauge what I’m aiming at. But I’m happy with it! Oh it also has a superb macro function which is in focus at precisely 3cm away from the object, but not at 5cm, 1cm, or 10cm.

Look at the texture of that leaf!

I usually have a really hard time spending money on what is essentially a toy. But we’re taking a trip to Hong Kong in a month, and I think this camera can capture some interesting images of my homeland.

Planning on bringing it out to the Distillery and Nuit Blanche on the weekend — stay tuned for more Zumi pictures! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!