favourite things! the special ornament edition

I love orna­ments. It is my go-to craft when I don’t know what kind of gifts to make for some­one, and with cer­tain ones I hang them around the house on win­dows and plants all year long :D

So here are my favourite orna­ment tuto­ri­als from all around!

This one would be great to make with kids! And I love the rhine­stone eye!
(From All about you)


Per­fect gift for that spe­cial some­one who believes that every­thing is bet­ter with bacon. XD
(From Sere­meres)


My friend point­ed me to this blog and I found this super cute snow­man, which would make an adorable orna­ment! Also check out the pom pom owl tutorial!
(From maed­chen­mitherz)

And while brows­ing around on maed­chen­mitherz (it is such a love­ly blog with such fresh and cute ideas!) I found this! :D

This is not an orna­ment, but I must share a pic­ture — it is just bril­liant! The eyes are actu­al­ly but­ton clo­sures! It has instant­ly jumped to the top of my list of projects! :D


These mush­rooms come from the book Fa la la la Felt, the pub­lish­er is shar­ing a tuto­r­i­al from the book for these love­ly mush­rooms! Aren’t they the cutest? I need them on my tree.
(From The Long Thread)

And while brows­ing on The Long Thread, I saw this absolute­ly adorable snowflake necklace…

… made of shrink plas­tic! An orna­ment for the neck! My neck! And so as I typed this I hur­ried to my craft cor­ner to check if I still had shrink plas­tic — and to my relief there is still half a sheet! YES! This, my friend, is also at the top of my project list.


Anoth­er orna­ment involv­ing one of my favourite things — acorns! An acorn cap nest, and the eggs are paint­ed soy beans! :D My tree also needs this.
(From Twig and Toad­stool)


Who would ever be able to tell that this ele­gant orna­ment was once a juice can?
(From michele made me)

And check out these wreath orna­ments made from the hum­ble loo roll!

AND the egg car­ton flow­ers! The pine cone-like one in the front row is sim­ply gor­geous, it will make an excel­lent ornament!

And look at these beau­ti­ful win­ter lanterns!

They’re just breath-taking!

So, clear­ly I’m com­plete­ly side­tracked at this point (read­ing craft blogs is like going down a rab­bit hole!) and this post is no longer just about orna­ments. But now I have enough on my project list to last until next Christ­mas :D And I hope you find inspi­ra­tions in the tuto­ri­als I gath­ered here as well!

Tomor­row I hope to share with you the assort­ment of orna­ments on my tree! Stay tuned! :D


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