Christmas crafting, episode two!

Anoth­er exten­sive gift project this year was the set of cro­chet mus­tach­es, for my broth­er-in-law. And of course we tried them on our­selves before giv­ing them away, with our Euro­pean back­drop.

I fol­lowed the mus­tach­es, three ways pat­tern from Wun­derkam­mer. It was a real­ly fun pat­tern, and also a great way to learn shap­ing and sculp­tural forms in cro­chet.

Back in Sep­tem­ber I tried to dye some yarn with cof­fee — and this is the secret project! The cof­fee-stained mus­tache! :D

And all the mus­tach­es got tucked in a shad­ow box so when one isn’t play­ing dress-up they can also be enjoyed as an object d’art.

Christ­mas morn­ing just got more styl­ish! :D

I also made the­se fies­ta slip­pers for my sis­ter-in-law. They were made from the granny squares I was mak­ing dur­ing the make-along in Sep­tem­ber, fol­low­ing this pat­tern.

All in all I’m just thank­ful for the time and laugh­ters shared with fam­i­lies we don’t get to see very often.


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