I yam what I yam

I pre­fer call­ing sweet pota­toes yam :)

Any­way, attempt­ing to make yam sweet soup for a late night snack. It’s a Chi­nese dessert made with yam, rock sug­ar and gin­ger. I had a gen­er­al idea about how to make it but want­ed to know how much sug­ar to use. I found a Chi­nese recipe that was pret­ty straight­for­ward, but it just said “some rock sug­ar” in the ingre­di­ent list.

It reminds me of my grand­moth­er, when we asked her for the recipe of her famous “tea fruit” (a Hak­ka snack in the form of rice flour pat­ties) and how much rice flour she used, she said, “oh, just a small bowl.”

I lat­er found an Eng­lish ver­sion of the yam sweet soup recipe in case any­one’s inter­est­ed :D

My yam sweet soup turned out a tad too sweet. I did­n’t have rock sug­ar, so I just poured in a bunch of brown sug­ar. I would also like to put in more gin­ger next time. But it was a good late night snack :D

Hap­py Sunday!