quick afternoon

The to-do list started to grow as we approach the weekend. One of the to-do items is making a hat for my aunt, who wanted a gift for her friend’s newborn baby. She requested it after seeing this on a Zeller’s flyer.

It’s a knit hat, and I don’t have much time before delivering it to her this weekend, so I was looking for a crochet pattern — because it would be much quicker for me to crochet than to knit, and because I’m not familiar with infant head-sizes.

Initially I was just searching on Ravelry for a plain infant hat pattern, but then I came across this pattern on Stitch Tac Sew (website no longer available :( when checked again in July 2012) that looks exactly like the knit hat on the flyer, except it’s crochet! :D It’s free (score!) and involves using a large hook (double-score!)! I’ve been looking for projects to put my 16mm hook to good use.

I crocheted with 4 strands of yarn held together, mainly the bulky, woolly sort. My aunt suggested using pink and white. The hat only took 5 rows to complete. I was also delighted to see a tutorial on how to make pompoms without a pompom maker on the same blog, because I don’t have a pompom maker.

And so, here’s the hat! :D


I like the yarn combination, it reminds me of strawberries and cream.

And I hope the small person who is receiving this hat will like it too.

So with this project and laundry and the finishing-up of another piece of artwork that’s been hibernating for weeks, the afternoon went by quickly. I will now go make supper. Thank you for visiting, and have a great evening!

6 thoughts on “quick afternoon

  1. Hello! I love how your hat’s turned out, the strawberry and cream yarn combo looks fantastic!

    I want to make this for my sister’s newborn, but the links are dead, is there any way you can share the pattern with me? My niece and I will love you for it! :)

    Thank you!

  2. thank you, nakshatra! unfortunately i didn’t copy down the pattern, so i no longer have access to it neither. thank you for pointing out that the link is dead, i’ll edit the post. i’m pretty sure there is something similar to this on Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/) if you search “newborn hat”. hope that helps!

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