favourite things of the week — accessorize!

That was the fashion tip a dear friend gave me. Except that my idea of accessorizing appeared to be quite different from hers… I think we’ve agreed to disagree, as we have been since high school (that, or she’s given up on me after all these years :/).

But I still love her to pieces anyway :)
(And I promise not to wear any of the below to a job interview!)

So, anyway, today I brought you some cool accessories that one can make!


Scarf repurposed from cool graphic tees! I love that it uses a #10 envelope as template, because I don’t like measuring :/
Tutorial at Just Something I Made.


How lovely are these? Just strings and paperclips. I love the simplicity, and I especially love the yellow pair. Tutorial by Evie S.


Buttons one can spell words with! Brilliant. I know I have some Fimo hiding somewhere in the craft drawer… Tutorial at Design*Sponge.


I borrowed the cable needles from my mom so I can make this! I don’t look good with barrettes so I’m going to wear it as a pin. Pattern by Ysolda.


Accessory perfect for the night owl, I think. To live nocturnally one needs all the sleep one can get during the day, but it can be difficult to fall asleep with all that daylight. So I would highly recommend the owl eye mask. Pattern on Roman Sock.


And finally, accessorize the lollipops! With these cute superhero printables on Zakka Life! They are designed for V‑Day but with a few tweaks I’m sure they will be a hit at parties for all occasions and all ages.


So, put on your favourite accessories and have yourself a great Monday, friends! :D

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