paper clips and rubber bands


I started on a new knitting project. It’s a top-down round-yoke cardigan, and it required stitch markers. I don’t have stitch markers, but I discovered that paper clips worked just fine :D I also wrapped a rubber band on the end of each needle, so stop the growing cardigan from running off the double-pointed needles.

My parents taught me to be resourceful :)

On a side note, the other sweater that I was working on, which is also grey, is giving me a bit of a headache at the moment. I completed it (yay!), but it turned out a bit big on me, so I threw it into the washer and dryer and hope that it would felt and shrink slightly (it’s made of an acrylic/wool blend, I’ve never felted anything in the machine before, so maybe it was a stupid thing to do). But then, after it came out from the dryer I was horrified to find that not only did it not shrink, it was also covered, and I mean covered, in white fuzz balls!


I’m going to have to run the sweater shaver all over it to get rid of all the fuzz, and then sew on the buttons. I’ll keep you posted!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


P.S. The paper clip stitch marker isn’t my idea, I saw it used for crocheting over on Futurgirl Craft Blog, and I thought it might work for knitting too!

4 thoughts on “paper clips and rubber bands

  1. I didn’t know you could still but sweater shavers, I need one. All the best with your creative endeavours

  2. Twist ties are good for stitch markers and stitch holders =) Probably not great for cables.

  3. that’s a great idea! initially i used pipe cleaners, but they were too thick and made huge gaps between the stitches, so i had to start over :S

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