weekend montage

Mike had to work at a food convention on the weekend, and he said it would be OK if I tagged along. We had our fair share (and generous helpings!) of food samples, including (but not limited to) an artful cappuccino, and waffles with various delicious toppings. I even got a complimentary cow key chain while wandering past the Sealtest booth. There were also lots of amazing things to feast our eyes on, like the cake decorating demonstration and interesting varieties of mushrooms. And cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs! For some odd reasons I was surprised to see that they looked exactly the same as they do on TV. Somehow I thought they’d look different in person.

We did have to look after our booth so we didn’t spend nearly as much time sampling from other exhibitors as we would like. So afterwards we went to Smoke’s for some real Canadian delicacies :P

Hope your weekend was re-energizing!