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Amaz­ing­ly sim­ple to make and so pret­ty in pink! I have the­se ring blanks lying around from the resin cabo­chon project, now I know what I can make with them :D How-to for the­se rick-rack rosettes on The Craft­ing Chicks.


Origami bun­ny cups! A time­ly East­er craft, but I think it would also make a per­fect minia­ture bun­ny lantern with those bat­tery-oper­at­ed tea lights inside! Demo video on Origami Spir­it. (via How About Orange)


What a clev­er way to make a bun­ny hand­print! From Fru­gal Fam­i­ly Fun Blog.


My old room­mates had one of those small fon­due pots that are heat­ed by tea lights, and we’ve had both cheese and choco­late fon­due on a num­ber of occa­sions — but this! This is the best dessert fon­due yet! It’s cup­cake fon­due! Isn’t it just bril­liant? Per­fect for a tea par­ty. I imag­ine it would also work well with those cake pops that are all the rage right now. I’m rather intrigued by how one could form a sphere out of cake bat­ter, though I’m more of a cake-slice or at least a cup­cake per­son myself. Eat­ing a sin­gle bite of cake just doesn’t make sense to me. Unless one is sup­posed to enjoy mul­ti­ple cake pops in one sit­ting? What is the prop­er eti­quet­te when cake pops are served? … any­way, I digress. Cup­cake fon­due recipe on Mod­Cloth Blog.


This pup­pet the­ater by Sarah Jane brings back fond mem­o­ries of my child­hood. When I was real­ly young — prob­a­bly in kinder­garten, I used to lis­ten to the Peter and the Wolf sto­ry on tape all the time. The stage is down­load­able for free, and all the char­ac­ters are avail­able on Etsy. (via Bloe­sem Kids)


How cool are the­se? They would make such a cool gift! Per­fect with the Poladroid appli­ca­tion, which makes a reg­u­lar pic­ture look like a Polaroid pic­ture (and it’s free!). Tuto­ri­al for Polaroid mag­nets on Ambrosia Girl.


Build a super fun super Mar­io mag­net board for some real life super Mar­io actions! All the char­ac­ters and props are avail­able to down­load for free! From the gen­er­ous and awe­some peo­ple at Lab­o­ra­to­ry 424.


And how about a Super Mar­io dio­ra­ma, made with marsh­mal­low peeps? Just one of the many entries in one of the many peeps dio­ra­ma con­tests. The ones in the Wash­ing­ton Post con­test are just hilar­i­ous. Can’t get enough marsh­mal­low peeps? See the list of con­tests on Ohdee­doh!


And final­ly, an epic ceram­ic Howl’s Mov­ing Castle! Be sure to watch the video of the incred­i­ble raku fir­ing process! By liz­zomarek on Instructa­bles.


Hap­py Fri­day! :D

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  1. love the rosettes, will def­i­nite­ly try them. and yes, raku fir­ing is very cool, had the chance to do that in Par­ry Sound

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