adventures of avocado finn

Meet Avocado Finn, my new plush friend! :D

Avocado Finn is no ordinary fish. When I first met him, he didn’t quit look like himself…

He was a maki roll.


A maki roll with… a tail?


Ah! Flippers!

No fish has ever gone to being a piece of sushi and come back perfectly intact. Avocado Finn is truly an extraordinary fish. And a rather friendly fellow, too. His goofy smile puts everyone at ease…

… and makes you forget, that as a fish, he shouldn’t be able to survive out of water. But look, here he is, chatting away, and Mike doesn’t even seem to notice the difference…

And I was completely enchanted.

And then I remember this cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid, called “Gold Fish Warning”, about a pink gold fish that not only could live outside of water but also fly.

(Yes, huge sparkly eyes and pink hair. Classic girly anime.)

Whether Avocado Finn has anything to do with that pink goldfish is a mystery, as Finn himself hasn’t given me any clue about his personal history. But he’s made himself quite comfortable on our couch, and made a new friend.

He’s even able to make Filbert the cat believe that “fish is friend, not food” (at least when it comes to Avocado Finn).

Don’t need to feel bad for Filbert though, he’s in heaven just having those balls of yarn around, and he always loves a new friend.

To make your own extraordinary fish friend see genius fish-to-sushi crochet pattern from Irka! While you’re at it, be sure to also check out the awesome egg-to-chicken pattern!

Happy Tuesday! :D



7 thoughts on “adventures of avocado finn

  1. Hey Trish…how does this guy work…is he a maki roll when turned inside out? or is that a separate maki roll case that he fits inside???

    Either way.…AWESOME! :)

  2. thanks beth! :D yes, the maki roll and the fish are connected. to turn the fish into a maki roll one would pull the maki roll out of the fish’s mouth and stuff the fish into the centre of the maki roll… hope that makes sense!

  3. My 96-year-old mother-in-law doesn’t want any more “things” but I just have to make her this! She is Japanese and would get such a kick out of it :-). Thanks so much for the link.

  4. Cute!!

    P.S. Is Fibert a full-size Choco-cat or a mini plush key-ring? My youngest daughter and I both have the 17″ Choco-cats from Build-a-Bear. We also picked up the plush key-ring, about 4 inches tall.

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