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I love looking at maps and reading all the names of different places. These coasters will have me mesmerized for hours. How-to on I Could Make That.


Oooh, what an idea! “When you can’t hide them, embrace them,” it says. From Unplggd.


Love the simplicity of this. Perfect craft for beachcombers, like me :D I can picture them being wonderful place card holders too! For a party or even a beach-themed wedding! I so want to make this, but we have no room to put them in our apartment — I volunteer to make placecard holders if anyone is having a beach-themed wedding! How-to on Paint Cut Paste.


A skirt made of fabric napkins! I’m intrigued! Tutorial on Better Together (via Ucreate).


A very lovely yet simple design. Headband how-to on say YES! to hoboken.


I guess it has a bit to do with the blue table cloths in the photos, but these remind me of the Japanese ceremony of Toro nagashi, in which participants float lanterns down a river. Very peaceful to look at. How-to on Momtastic.


I recently discovered and started following My Little Hut, a blog with absolutely amazing paper cut designs. Here the artist behind the blog shares how to make wallart with junk mail on Craft. It’s brilliant!


Equally brilliant is this matchbook card or wall art, also shared on Craft. It was posted as a Valentine’s Day project, but I think it would be lovely gift idea for any season.


These are, of course, made for kids, but the tutorial involves tracing an existing pair of shorts or pants, so I imagine it would be easy to modify to adult sizes. I don’t usually wear shorts, but I would totally wear these. Tutorial on Grosgrain. (I think I just like the look of twisted or knotted fabric…)


Photobooth pictures seem to be a trend at weddings these days. Mike and I always joke that if we do our wedding again we would need to have a photobooth. And a proper cake (we had one but it was pre-cut into squares thanks to the catering staff :S). But since we’re not going to have another wedding we can have a photobooth for parties, with these fun props! How else could you get a picture with the fascinator? Printables on Oh Happy Day.


Printing with seeds and pods! I really like the pattern that the poppy pod makes (the white prints). From Maya Made.


This key lime pie popsicle is apparently made from condensed milk — A must-make! If condensed milk and lime aren’t your thing, there is a list of other dessert flavoured popsicles over on Be Different Act Normal, I’m sure you’ll find one you like :D


This is the funnest snack ever — featuring Bert and Ernie! (My brain promptly cues Healthy Food). How-to on Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.


And finally, see Ernie and Bert on set! A very cool gallery of behind the scene photos of famous movies, back when sets were handmade and special effects mechanical, on angusrshamal.com (via Swissmiss).

Wishing you a lovely Friday! :D

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  1. come to think of it, i wonder if those “milk popsicles” at T&T is actually just frozen condensed milk…

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