masking experiments

More painting experiments with masking fluid (to see how masking fluid is used, watch this video), continuing from my last attempt with raw canvas, which worked in the end but proved to be a pretty long and kind of frustrating process. 

So I tried using the masking fluid on primed canvas. I bought a canvas pad (like a pad of paper, except it’s a pad of 9x12” — it says on the cover — real primed canvas!) and I was quite happy how it turned out :D So happy that I even gave them titles.






Masking fluid does its job beautifully on primed canvas, it peels right off. (It feels almost like peeling dried white glue off the fingers, very satisfying.) But then I did some Googling and realized that masking fluid is basically latex particles floating in liquid ammonia :S That explains the pungent smell. And it wouldn’t be good to use with a group, so I tried looking for an alternative and came across this white glue batik method, which works kind of like masking fluid on fabric. So I also tried masking some of the shapes with white glue.

Two things I learned about masking with white glue: 

1. White glue takes a lot longer than masking fluid to dry (masking fluid takes about 15min; white glue, more like several hours).

2. It doesn’t peel off the canvas very easily if the glue is applied too thinly, so trying to shorten drying time by applying a thinner layer of glue doesn’t quite work.

BUT! White glue is a lot cheaper. And if I have all day at home I would totally use it. But not with a group. So, more experiments ahead! :D

Have a great Monday, everyone!


p.s. I didn’t explain the process of making those two paintings, because I think that would be kind of boring to read. But if you have any question feel free to drop me a note! :D




5 thoughts on “masking experiments

  1. Trish, these came out beautifully! I would like to attempt these some day, but for now I’ll just swoon over yours :-).

  2. Thanks for the info, this is very helpful as masking fluid is pretty expensive in my country :/ but I’m curious, have you tried to shorten the drying time with hair dryer? Several hours may be too long for me and I’m pretty impatience ^^; thanks!

  3. thanks for visiting! using a hair dryer makes perfect sense. i haven’t tried it, but i think it will work! happy painting! :D

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