catching the bright things


I was beginning to wonder if this was maybe what strength was all about: not being the first, or the tallest, or the prettiest. Being strong, I decided, was about catching the bright things that blow by every day, and knowing when to let the garbage drift away.

– Lauren Kirshner, Where We Have to Go 


The painting is a continuation of the masking experiments I posted yesterday. I cut stencils from foam pieces to masked shapes and then stippled paint on the canvas.

I recently read Where We Have to Go and it has become one of my favourites. I thought the quote goes well with the painting. I liked the book not only because of the way it’s written (and it’s set in Toronto!), but most importantly it’s because it reminds me so much of my own adolescence. I felt very much connected to the way the protagonist is thinking and feeling.

So, about catching the bright things. Much of Canada is covered in, as the news reports call it, an “oppressive heat blanket” these days. I keep waiting for an epic thunderstorm to lift this blanket of heat and haze and smog, and I’m still waiting :( Though this aggressive weather system has brought with it some incredible sunsets. Look how red the sky is!


Rising temperature in the apartment also makes cold watermelon so much more enjoyable. I’m convinced that scooping with an ice cream scoop is the most efficient way to eat watermelon. Unlike chopping the melon on a chopping board, how the juice splatters everywhere with each chop, when scooping out the flesh all the juice would be saved in the rind like a bowl, not one drop would be wasted. See?


Have a bright and beautiful Tuesday!