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I was never a big fan of making friendship bracelets. I think the patterns are intriguing but they take too long. These crochet ones may be a quicker alternative. They’re beaded too, and very stylish. Pattern on Green Eyed Monster.


Probably requires a lot of t‑shirts but a circular loom from a hula hoop is a neat idea. (The circular rug is tied off and detached from the hula hoop after the weaving is finished, so the hula hoop can still be a hula hoop! :D) For how-to, follow the Crafty Crow!


I had a miniature hour glass key chain when I was a kid. I would stare at the falling sand and think that it’s the longest minute ever, but when the sand was all piled at the bottom of the glass it really made it tangible to me to understand that that was a minute passed and a minute I would never get back… Perhaps a nice instrument to teach children the value of time, to make your own hour glass see Paris Bourke.


I have been wondering if it would be possible to make buttons from shrink plastic, whether the colour would run in the wash. Apparently it works beautifully with the right kind of markers, just look at these lovely buttons on Scissors Paper Work! With a tutorial too! 


I’ve been trying different methods of paint/watercolour masking, so this sticker resist tutorial from Paint Cut Paste caught my eye. Such a nice way to enjoy the fluidity of watercolour and free-form colour-blending while making some nice greeting cards at the same time. Love the simplicity and sharpness of the design.


I also like this stamped pattern on the tea towels — an excerpt tutorial from the book 1, 2, 3 Sew on Indie Fixx. I love how the circles are blending together and I can totally see it on a t‑shirt! Must get myself some foam stencil brushes.


Sometimes I feel bad taking paint swatches from the hardware store, because they have such nice colours and are made of such nice, sturdy paper. I also like to read all the names they give the colours. “This is for taking, for free, for real?” I’d ask myself. Yes, they are. And one could make stylish gift boxes with them! :D How-to with awesome folding diagram on How About Orange.


Paint can planters — they can cheer up any tired old fence! How-to on Centsational Girl.


Make candles with lemon peel! I wonder if they bright out a citrus scent. How-to on the Martha website (via Apartment Therapy). Also check out the amazing clementine candle tutorial - with the clementine peel and oil, no wax or cotton wick! 


Instant noodles are one of my favourites. It’s kind of a comfort food for me. Tonya’s Sewing Room has an awesome step-by-step tutorial for turning noodle packaging (or other wrappers) into a zippered coin purse! Will have to give that a try!


Magnetic light switch cover — what a brilliant idea! I wonder if I could make one with magnetic paint. Via Inspire Me Now.


This. Is. Magnificent. From National Geographic:  This image was taken in winter time in a arid area of the Canadian Rockies. Temperatures where below ‑30 degrees Celsius yet because there was no snow fall the surface of the lake was uncovered allowing me to see and capture the bubbles (gas release from lake bed) that were trapped in the frozen waters. 

It reminds me of this painting by Laura Millard, one of my teachers from college, whose work I love.


And finally, the most awesome thing I saw this week — Mister Roger’s statue on Pittsburgh’s North Shore gets a crocheted red cardigan! Created by the inspiring Alicia of Create! 


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!




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