favourite things friday


Make a summertime wind chime with bamboo stakes! Tutorial from Michele Made Me.


I love shrink plastic, and these shrink plastic pins are adorable! How-to on Wee Wonderfuls, spotted on my plush swap partner’s lovely craft blog, Kitsch-n-Zinc :D


Made with acrylic paint and water in spray bottles! Acrylic paint really does not come off clothing (the splash of purple paint that I got on my tan colour coat hasn’t even faded after 4 years and countless washes) and in this case it’s a good thing :D I’ve got to give this a try with some plain old t‑shirts sometimes! From Frugal Family Fun.


I have this duvet cover from Ikea! :D This duvet-cover-to-pillow-mattress makes a wonderful day bed, without having to buy the bed frame and everything. How-to on Southern Disposition.


This reminded me of someone from art college, who one day brought his bicycle into school, laid out several large pieces of paper in the hallway, somehow covered the wheels of his bike with printing ink, and rode his bike across the paper :D Don’t have room in the apartment to ride a bike across the paper, but this rolling pin method seems fun! From Irresistible Ideas.


When we went to Malaysia, our tour guide was always wearing these really flowy tops that were basically a great big piece of fabric, folded in half with a hole cut out for the neckline and stitched together on the two side seams. Apparently they’re called poncho top/tunic, but I also like to call them the butterfly top/tunic. Anyway, I love the simplicity of the design and construction, and loose-fitting clothing actually feels a lot cooler (both temperature-wise and style-wise) than tight-fitting clothing with little fabric. Here’s an awesome how-to for the butterfly poncho top, from Blooms and Bugs :D


I’ve never worn heels in my life (for real!) but these are cute. Heels embellished with bias tape! I’m sure it will also work on a plain pair of flats. Genius idea from The Mother Huddle.


This is fascinating — printing on crochet and knit items with cyanotype. It’s unlikely that I will try it because of the complicated chemicals involved, but it’s lovely to look at. If you’re interested there’s a detailed how-to on Craft


When I was in high school solid perfume from the Body Shop was particularly popular. I got one from a friend for Christmas. The ingredients in this project looks manageable, with beeswax and essential oils — a Christmas gift project, perhaps! From Design Sponge.


This is so simple — just a pencil with an eraser top and ink pads — but the possibilities are endless! From Momtastic.


A really neat way to make a paper cut portrait, using photo-editing software to separate the highlight and shadows of a photo. Tutorial on Dude Craft.


We’re in need of more working surfaces in our apartment, so this mini lap top desk tutorial from Fresh Home Ideas really caught my eye. We’re not handy kind of people though, so we’re probably going to look for a ready-made desk rather than build one. It’s a cool-looking desk nonetheless!


These orange boat jello cups are brilliant! Part of a how-to for a pirate-theme party on Make and Takes.


And this Rubik Battenburg cake would be a hit at any party. Recipe and how-to on S’tasty.


Have a great weekend, everyone! :D

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  1. It’s a lovely afternoon here in the Pacific Northwest and I’m sitting out on my deck, crocheting a bit, taking pictures of birds, and scanning the computer. How’s that for multi-tasking? And what do I find but yet another post of yours. I love your “favorite things Friday” (think I told you that already :-)…) You always come up with such fun, doable projects. 

    You are inspiring me to start up my blog again. 

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. it rained a bit here in the morning, but was sunny and hot in the afternoon. i was out running errands but was able to find a tree to sit under for a bit :) i’m happy to hear that you want to start up your blog again!

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