weekend wonders

A bunch of photos from the past few weekends! :D

Two weeks ago we took a mini vacation to Mike’s hometown. We took the Greyhound. Here we were on the bus. Mike wasn’t nodding off, he was concentrating on Angry Birds.


We spent some time on the beach. Mike was looking for some stones to skip.


I found a bunch of chicken wire covered in some kind of seaweed.


The stones were amazing, all different colours. This one is half-toned.


Lots of them have fossilized shells or corals embedded in them. Fascinating.


More stones, this time with a piece of beach glass in the mix.


At a different beach, I found large pieces of concrete scattered underwater, like an underwater ruin of a city. Also fascinating. (I heard there’s actually a shipwreck in the lake nearby! Must check it out next time.)


And on the shore, large piles of concrete pieces! Like an ancient ruin… except they’re modern pieces of concrete. Which reminds me of that show that I really liked to watch, Life After People.


We were also going to a wedding that weekend. So in between ceremony and reception, we had some time. We heard that there is a certain British store nearby, so we went there hoping for some afternoon tea. But they were closing just as we got there, so we had to leave, but not before purchasing some clotted cream! :D And it was clotted cream, not Devons cream (though I don’t really know what the difference is). We stopped by the grocery store for some scone and made afternoon tea at home. I’m convinced that if heaven serves breakfast it would taste like clotted cream.


A tiny yellow flower I saw on our way somewhere. 


Fast forward to this past weekend, I found periwinkles all blooming in the park by our building! :D


And I saw these in someone’s front yard — sweet peas! :D


Have a happy Wednesday, everyone! :D

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  1. so great! thank you! i might try to make my own scones one day. the ones we bought from the store just crumble all over the place when i try to spread the clotted cream on.

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