I saw this in the brick­work of a path­way in a school I have been work­ing at for the sum­mer. 

It lays among oth­er engraved bricks with spon­sors’ names, I believe, and con­grat­u­la­to­ry words for the school. I have been work­ing there on and off since June, so I couldn’t believe that I didn’t see this engrav­ing until this past Thurs­day, my final week there. But I am so grate­ful that I didn’t leave with­out ever notic­ing it.

May the voic­es of girls and wom­en be nur­tured and val­ued in every cor­ner of the world one day.



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4 thoughts on “voices

  1. Dear Trish,

    Thank you for catch­ing this kind thought — I will share this with my moth­er and my two daugh­ters and many oth­er wom­en!

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