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Such a simple idea, but so meaningful, not to mention cute! A parent made these for toddlers to ease their first-day-of-school jitters. Having something to hold and squish definitely helps ease anxiety sometimes. From Curly Birds.


Glitter and homemade play dough! Definitely adds another dimension to plain old salt dough. How-to on Fairy Dust Teaching.


I know exactly who to give this to! Now they just need to come up with a new baby! :P I especially love the fish. I hope I can find a similar fish… Tutorial on how to make sushi with baby towels, onesies, and socks from Creative Dollar.


Baby food jars have a lovely quaint quality to them, I’ve used them in my artwork before, and I love to see herbs planted in them. Here’s another clever use of baby food jars, and its shape works so well! Lego head containers! Brilliant! How-to on obSEUSSed.


I’ve been wanting to make a hook case for a while. This one uses the lovely star stitch (I made a belt with star stitch a while ago) and I love how simply the hooks are held in place, no need to make compartments. Follow Tangled Happy to see the pattern!


I saw rings with fabric flowers in a small shop in Hong Kong once. They were very pink and whimsical. These from Martha remind me of the ones I saw. Wouldn’t it be cool if the flowers were on metal ring blanks? Might try that sometimes…


What do you think these lovely roses are made from? Paper, of course. But what kind of paper? :D Any guesses? Alright. It’s coffee filters. Coffee filters! Another excellent example of turning something ordinary and humble into something extraordinary. Totally fit for  a centerpiece at parties… at a wedding even! :D No one would ever be able to tell that you’re decorating the tables with coffee filters. Unless of course you tell them. And telling them would be the best part! :D And the even better part? There is a How-to! From Kuchnia Pelna Cudow.  The blog is in Polish but the photos are pretty self-explanatory.


Also in Hong Kong I came across lots and lots of miniature food tutorial books. But they all call for a kind of latex air-dry modeling clay material that I’m certain I won’t be able to find in Canada. But here is a tutorial for miniature pastries using the humble salt dough! :D From thecraftartykid on Instructables.


Here is another tutorial using air-dry clay, which can be bought in art supplies stores. I love that it incorporates textures of everyday things. (There are examples of small walnut bowls and a wood grain plate as well.) From Family Circle.


A brilliant tutorial on how to make foaming soap! It does require one to get a bottle of foaming soap first, because the foaming action comes from the magical mechanism of the bottle (I’m sure it’s not all that magical, I just don’t know what it is and prefer to think of it as magical). I’ve come to prefer the foaming soap rather than the straight liquid soap because the foaming stuff doesn’t leave as much residue on my hand, and therefore doesn’t take a lot of time/water to rinse off and feels less drying afterward. (I suffer from dry, flaking hands all year long) And I think one really doesn’t need that much soap when washing hands. So this handmade foaming soap would make soap last much longer! :D Give it a try if you like foaming soap too! From The Frugal Girls

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! :D


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