this week’s awesome finds!


Haven’t opened my Google Reader (where I bookmark all the blogs I follow) for about a week, and today I was terrified to see that there were 200 unread items! >_< 

I ended up not reading any of it, just clicked the “mark all as read” button while looking away… I kind of feel bad not reading them — what if I miss something really important? (apparently, as Mike told me, it’s called the “fear of missing out” effect — FOMO for short) But I just can’t spend the time to read all that right now. “And isn’t the point of bookmarking the ability to easily access blogs one likes and to read them whenever one likes?” I told myself.

But anyway, here are a few awesome things I’ve bookmarked this week! :D


Ever eaten an acorn? I’ve never even seen the inside of an acorn, let alone eat one. Lil Fish Studio opened my eye to a whole new world of acorn-eating! Would this be something you might try? (Not sure if I’ll win if I have to fight over them with the squirrels though… especially the ninja ones :P)


Dress-up paper cats from one of my favourites — Made by Joel! Coloured and colourable templates free for download! I love Joel’s creativity and style as much as I love his generosity. So much work goes into designing and he shares so much of that for free. 


Awesomeness! Six crafts kids (and kids-at-heart) can make in a coffee shop! Also in awe of the illustration :O From What I Made.


Turn a board book into chalk book! How-to on WhipUp.


No more crying over spilled drink — watch them turn into butterflies instead! What a marvelous concept. Via Inspire Me Now.


Have a happy weekend, everyone!



2 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds!

  1. Haha, I have LOT of reading to do from my Reader — too bad I can
    t just take your idea and LET IT GO and stop worrying about catching up. :)

  2. Wow, What I Made is the busiest blog template I think I’ve ever seen. But it totally works. Great find Trish!

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