weekend wonders


This past weekend we went to quaint and picturesque Glen Williams for our friends’ wedding. The weather was beautiful, and the church has a magnificent garden with a river flowing behind the backyard. 



Inside the church, pails of hydrangeas tied to the pews. (the pails of hydrangeas were later cleverly play the role of centerpieces at the reception :D)


Afternoon tea after the ceremony, with iced tea and pink lemonade in very cool-looking dispensers!


Then we began the scenic drive to the reception on the farm. But before we left we encountered the fuzziest caterpillar trying to cross the driveway. We walked with it, partly to cheer it on (okay, I cheered it on) but mainly to stand around it so cars wouldn’t run it over. It made it safely to the grass :D


There was a lot of time to kill between ceremony and reception, so I brought my school readings (what a killjoy I am >_<) and tried to find a cafe to sit down. But the only cafe-like place was a bakery with a front porch. So we asked if we could sit on the front porch and the owner said it was okay. That was where we met the fluffiest cat. He put his front paws on the side table where we put our teas as though he was going to drink from one of the cups. While I was delighted by our mutual fondness of tea, I wasn’t so ready to share my tea with him. He was growling in protest.


Finally we arrived at the farm where the reception was held, and the air smelled of lavender.


There were lot of apple trees and lots of small apples fallen on the ground. And my sister reminded me that those flowers behind me are Autumn Joy :D

There were old books and bunting and tea lights in mason jars, which together looked like they came out of a magazine spread featuring a handmade wedding! But more than the sum of its parts, it was the thoughtfulness and creativity and the deep love between two wonderful people that made the wedding such a heartfelt celebration. I felt very privileged to be a part of it.


Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! 



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