this week’s awesome finds


Knit a candy corn creature! Pattern on Craft. (If you’d rather crochet one I have a pattern right here :D)


Dress and small person in candy corn :D candy corn onesie how-to on The Swell Life.


Make roses with autumn leaves. How-to on Design Sponge.


Very cool if one knows of a glass shop that is able cut wine bottles in half. A set of these would make a great gift! I’m not a fan of wine, but I used to have a collection of empty bottles because I love the colours of them, especially when the sunlight is streaming through. Spotted on Family Chic.


I love the delicate, woven texture of this. Tutorial (including instruction for the cardboard weaving device that created this) on Greeneyed Monster.


A washer, some pretty paper, some diamond glaze (I saw that Mod Podge makes a “dimensional glaze” that works the same way, have to get myself a bottle!) and we have a pretty necklace! How-to on Little Birdie Secrets.


Prettiest pleated skirt I’ve seen. Might work with the fabric from my discarded duvet cover… hmm. Tutorial on Grand Revival Designs.


And a sweet ending with a tutorial for homemade rock candy from Gluesticks!


Have a sweet weekend, everyone! :D



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  1. Love this weeks finds! :)About cutting wine bottles in half, you can do this yourself with string and nailpolish remover. :)

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