what’s your favourite plant?


I seem to always catch on to things lat­er than every­body else. Like the Nyan Cat. And Angry Birds. 

And now Plants vs Zom­bies! My friends and my sis­ter have been play­ing this game for months. I’ve nev­er quite under­stood why peo­ple like it so much. Until this week! Mike just down­loaded it on his phone because it was on sale for Hal­loween. It is SO addictive.

My favourite plant so far is the valiant wall-nut! :D


He has the goofi­est smile, and I can always count on him to guard the rest of the plants… until he’s all eat­en by the zom­bies *sniff* 

Have you played Plants vs Zom­bies? What’s your favourite plant?

On a sep­a­rate but equal­ly nut­ty note, while I was busy work­ing on the three papers that are due this week, Mike made us hazel­nut hot choco­late (made with Nutel­la — recipe found here)! :D Isn’t he the best?

Not only does he put up with my irra­tional anx­i­eties about school work every­day, he also tries every­thing he can to help me feel bet­ter. I can’t ask for a more lov­ing hus­band ❤ 

On that note, now that the three papers are done (yay!), I should prob­a­bly go and do laundry.

Have a sweet day, everyone!