star stitch continued


Using the same star stitch in the candy apple hooded circle scarf, I made a coat! :D It was a semester-long project, something to work on when I needed some time away from my papers, or some crocheting time to reward myself with after finishing a paper.

It’s basically just rectangles of various sizes sewn together to make the coat. 

This diagram demonstrates how the pieces are put together. 



After the front and back and the sleeves are attached as pictured, I folded entire piece in half along shoulder seam, then sewed together the seams along the underside of the sleeves and the sides of the body. 

Then I made the ribbed collar along the front edges and the back neck edge. The ribbing is 19 ch across, attached to the coat as it was made.

Finally, I crocheted a row of sc along each sleeve cuff and the bottom of the coat, and with slip stitches I made button loops along the edge of the ribbed collar the right front.

This construction would probably work for a different stitch pattern, one could customize measurements to one’s liking.

But I love the texture of the star stitch.


Hope your holiday has been wonderful. Counting down to 2012! :D


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