yarncrafting resolution

Here’s a list of projects that I’d like to work on in 2012 :D


Been wanting to try weaving for a long time. I want to try my hands on it so maybe I can do this with groups :D (instruction from Full Circle)


This trilobite is calling my name… (free pattern on Ravelry)


I have a lot of blue yarn that would be quite nice for this pattern. Also a great way to learn to make cables. ALSO knitted flat and seamed together :D (I have quite a bit of trouble using circular needles) Picturing it with some round buttons with flowers printed on them. (free pattern from Stitch Nation)


This would be the next step up after the cable cardigan. It’s a pattern from a book and I borrowed it from the library. I can’t quite understand the pattern right now but I can probably ask my knitting friends to help, which means knitting/crocheting tea parties are in order! :D


In the meanwhile, I’ll practice my knitting with hats :D I made this hat I found on Ravelry for Mike for Christmas, and I’m planning on making a longer one for myself, so it’s a bit slouchy, because I lost my perfect slouch hat on the bus earlier in the fall :’(


A pretty manageable list, I think. Will keep you posted on the progress!

Happy new year, friends! Wishing you a wonderful year of good health, new inspirations and life-enriching creativity!


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