progress! :D

Com­plet­ed first project on my yarn craft­ing res­o­lu­tion list! :D


Not only is it a knit hat, it’s a knit cable hat :D I’m quite hap­py with it. I want­ed the cables only around the brim but could­n’t find a free pat­tern for it, but I came across this awe­some cable head­band pat­tern, so I just fol­lowed it and then knit­ted the rest of the hat using the decrease method in this hat pat­tern as a guide.

Here’s a clos­er look at the cables…


I was also test­ing out the Retro Cam­era App on my phone, so here’s one tak­en from the “pin­hole cam­era” mode…


We’ve had a great snow­fall in the city today! And I’m well-equipped with my cozy new hat :D

Have a great week­end, everyone!