on the third day of chinese new year…

Chi­nese new year cel­e­bra­tions tra­di­tion­al­ly last for ten days. Well, at least from what I remem­ber. I remem­ber hav­ing  a rather pro­longed hol­i­day from school, return­ing to school after the 10th of the lunar calendar. 

So! Fes­tive eat­ing is ongo­ing this week :D

My par­ents have an assort­ment of new year sweets and snacks out in a spe­cial three-tiered can­dy box that only comes out dur­ing the new year. In the top right cor­ner are red water­mel­on seeds. In the top left are some crunchy sesame cookies.


Here’s a close-up of the can­died car­rots (the orange discs), can­died coconut (the long white pieces), and can­died lotus seeds, and I think the beige discs are can­died pineap­ple. I also like the can­died win­ter mel­on pieces but my mom did­n’t get those this year, which is ok, because can­died coconut is also my favourite :D


We brought home these fun­nel cake-like fried pas­try, made by my cousin! :D Have been eat­ing them through­out the day as I was read­ing. Got­ta take a pic­ture before they’re all gone…


And my par­ents gave us some turnip cake. That’s Mike’s favourite.


Have a hap­py Thurs­day! :D


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  1. They always go back to school on the 10th of the lunar cal­en­dar? Oh, so that’s why all them kids get school off until Feb. 1 this year! Darn CUHK…ruined the tra­di­tion ‑_-”

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