sweet love

So! I actually made the mushroom love pin from my last post! here’s a close-up picture of it…


Really enjoyed a morning of hand-sewing. There’s something very calming about that. Haven’t done it for a while and thinking it would be great to find more projects to sew.

I wore it out to Indian food with Mike for Valentines day :D 

We were both unfamiliar with Indian food, so we just tried to order things that sounded interesting, like this fried cheese. I believe it’s called paneer.


And of course, butter chicken! :D


Awesome date and delicious food makes me a happy valentine :D


Have a sweet Friday, everyone!



2 thoughts on “sweet love

  1. Oh gosh, that pin is adorable! I may have to try making one.

    And yum, Valentine’s Indian food. I’ve never tried paneer, but it’s always sounded interesting—I’ve seen a lot of vegan recipes for making a version with tofu instead that I’ve wanted to try.

  2. i can see tofu working out really well in paneer, because the cheese actually doesn’t have much flavour to it, it’s the frying and the red and green sauces that bring out its deliciousness :D

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