any time is ramen time


A blog vis­i­tor sent me an awe­some info­graph­ic on ramen :D 

It’s got fun facts on ramen and recipes! I’m espe­cial­ly intrigued about the dan­de­lion ramen… will need to try that in the spring!

It’s also inspired me to make ramen for break­fast this morning… 


… with a fried egg! :D

That was a good start to my day…


Have a great evening, everyone!



2 thoughts on “any time is ramen time

  1. I love ramen, sigh. So much that I some­times eat it dry; love that crunch! My hus­band makes me ramen some­times and slips an egg or two in the hot broth and lets them poach; heaven!

  2. poached eggs in broth! that sounds so deli­cious (i also love eggs) — i’ll have to try that sometimes!

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