no churning, shaking or kicking



Home­made ice cream! :D

I once want­ed to get one of those ice cream balls that one throws and kicks around for a while and out comes a tub of ice cream (well, one has to put cream and sug­ar and salt into it first). 

And then one day my friend Annie point­ed me to this recipe on Kevin and Aman­da. It involves con­densed milk (one of my favourite things!) and with­out the use of an ice cream machine! (thanks Annie!)

Whip­ping up 2 cups of whip­ping cream (ah, sor­ry, messy kitchen :S)…

Dis­solv­ing 2 table­spoons of matcha pow­der with a bit of hot water (I’d use more next time, the green tea flavour is a bit too faint)…

Mix­ing the dis­solved matcha with one can of con­densed milk…

Fold­ing whipped cream into matcha/condensed milk mixture…

And mix­ing it all up :D (see? the green tea was rather pale)

Freeze overnight — makes an ice cream tub full! :D

It’s quite a bit rich­er and sweet­er than reg­u­lar ice cream, so I’d say it’s best eat­en in small serv­ings, but it’s quite delicious! 

Since the recipe makes a full tub it would be fun to divide up the base recipe and mix with dif­fer­ent flavours!

Won­der how I could make laven­der flavour with the laven­der tea I have… 


Have a sweet weekend!




4 thoughts on “no churning, shaking or kicking

  1. Thank you ! I love matcha frappe at Star­bucks. I can now enjoy matcha this way dur­ing sum­mer. Ice cream is sum­mer’s last name. :o)

  2. Yay!!

    You can infuse the tea into the whip­ping cream pri­or to whip­ping. Just bring the cream to a low sim­mer, throw in your tea bags (or tea ball if it’s loose leaf), and leave it alone for half an hour or until you think the flavour is a lit­tle too strong. Allow to cool in the fridge and pro­ceed as before.

    You can do the same thing with matcha =)

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