no churning, shaking or kicking



Homemade ice cream! :D

I once wanted to get one of those ice cream balls that one throws and kicks around for a while and out comes a tub of ice cream (well, one has to put cream and sugar and salt into it first). 

And then one day my friend Annie pointed me to this recipe on Kevin and Amanda. It involves condensed milk (one of my favourite things!) and without the use of an ice cream machine! (thanks Annie!)

Whipping up 2 cups of whipping cream (ah, sorry, messy kitchen :S)…

Dissolving 2 tablespoons of matcha powder with a bit of hot water (I’d use more next time, the green tea flavour is a bit too faint)…

Mixing the dissolved matcha with one can of condensed milk…

Folding whipped cream into matcha/condensed milk mixture…

And mixing it all up :D (see? the green tea was rather pale)

Freeze overnight — makes an ice cream tub full! :D

It’s quite a bit richer and sweeter than regular ice cream, so I’d say it’s best eaten in small servings, but it’s quite delicious! 

Since the recipe makes a full tub it would be fun to divide up the base recipe and mix with different flavours!

Wonder how I could make lavender flavour with the lavender tea I have… 


Have a sweet weekend!




4 thoughts on “no churning, shaking or kicking

  1. Thank you ! I love matcha frappe at Starbucks. I can now enjoy matcha this way during summer. Ice cream is summer’s last name. :o)

  2. Yay!!

    You can infuse the tea into the whipping cream prior to whipping. Just bring the cream to a low simmer, throw in your tea bags (or tea ball if it’s loose leaf), and leave it alone for half an hour or until you think the flavour is a little too strong. Allow to cool in the fridge and proceed as before.

    You can do the same thing with matcha =)

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